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2023 Summer MTB Time Trials.

MTB Summer Time Trials – Summer 2023:

Our popular MTB time trials are back for 2023 at Shouldham Warren with a new, multi-lap format but it’s ultimately rider vs the stop watch!

The venue for the 2023 MTB Time Trials Series will be at Shouldham Warren, on a Thursday evening. First rider setting off at 7pm.  These events are for club members and guests.

To secure your number board / entry, please email

Round 1 – Thursday 11th May

Round 2: Thursday 25th May

Round 3: Thursday 15th June

Round 4: Thursday 29th July

Round 5: Thursday 13th July

The start time will be 7pm, the lap will be between 2.5 miles and 3 miles, with each rider completing 2 laps to gain their overall time. The format will be a set number of laps against the clock. The times will be accumulated to gain your time on the day. Overall series positions will be your fastest 4 times from the 5 events which will give the final series positions. Each round is restricted to 20 riders, to secure your place you can pre-enter by emailing The entry fee will be confirmed shortly.

These Time Trials are a club event, no facilities will be available on the evening.

KLMTB club members will be eligible to contest for the MTB trophy with their 4 best times being counted – the rider with the quickest accumulated time will be declared the winner.  There will be a trophy in both the men’s and women’s categories, numbers permitting.

There will be an additional prize for the fastest round from the series,  by a KLMTB club member.

All rounds are sanctioned by British Cycling, King’s Lynn MTB Club will endeavour to run within British Cycling guidelines.


King’s Lynn MTB Club, established in 2014, is a British Cycling affiliated cycling club for those that enjoy riding socially, competing or just being part of a group of like-minded people. Based in Norfolk the club’s main off-road terrain is Shouldham Warren. Many of our club members also ride the trails around Thetford Forest plus other local routes along the Nar Valley Way and Peddars Way.

We organise rides to cater for every ability – from the mountain bike novice to the seasoned cross country racer. For all training and social rides we try to give plenty of notice before the event, with rides normally being posted on our Facebook page.

Over recent years we have organised multiple club events, specifically our mountain bike evening time trails, alongside hosting several rounds of the Eastern Cross country Series – Mud, Sweat and Gears and our own six hour MTB enduro event.

For the racers regular training rides at various locations both on and off road are offered. We don’t just ride during the day; in the darker months we go night riding (lights are a must!), which is an experience in itself, both on and off road.

For our juniors we will be organising Summer coaching sessions , which could also include some racing as they develop their skills and confidence on the bike.
We are always looking for helpers from volunteer’s to maintain and open up new trails to marshals helping out at our club events.


KLMTB are half-way through their unique cross country time trials. Held at West Bilney woods over a 3.2 mile course, to achieve a time the riders have to complete 2 laps of the challenging course with some tough climbs and fast downhill single track.

There was also opportunity for the juniors to take up the challenge with a shorter 1.1 mile loop for the 8 – 14 years and a half mile section for the under 8’s both with technical single track to negotiate.

The event is being held over five Saturdays throughout the summer and prizes given to club members for their best four time, and a separate prize for the quickest lap.

Under 9 Years 1stTime Trials 2ndTime Trial 3rdTime Trial
Connor Hallett 6.17
Thomas Twell 6.18 5.52
Harrison Brewer 6.43
Samuel Booty 6.50
Max Green 5.37 6.16
Over 9 Years 1stTime Trial 2ndTime Trial 3rdTime Trial
Jack Turner 11.39 10.38
Arthur Buckler 12.38 16.13
Freddie Van-Daalen 14.16 11.56
Bradley West 14.24 12.09
Harry Titman 14.24 10.45 14.35
Jack Crane 14.33
Jacob Dickinson 15.07
Catlin Hallett 16.04
Alfie Kireman 16.10 14.38
Lewis Hallett 16.15
Luke Bond 11.42 11.20
Jake Dewart 11.51 11.22
Alex Seals 13.22
Jake Gilham 12.51


Seniors 1stTime Trial 2ndTime Trial 3rdTime Trial
James Murphy 29.57 28.17
Michael Cubitt 31.13 30.00
Russell Rout 31.35
Shaun Green 33.51 31.33 33.55
Richard Hallett 34.13 32.57
Jack Watts 34.31 32.56 34.25
Steve Brewer 35.56
Roger Seals 40.46 37.51
Martyn Hallett 42.37
Alec Seaman DNF 34.17
Jack Bent 29.04
Chris Harley 29.28
Jimmy Hupton 32.25
Matthew Mantle 33.06
Ashley Kirk 33.15
Matt Turner 35.43
Adrian Hoyle 31.54
Ben Hoyle 35.14
Craig Dowse 36.57

The 4thtime trial will be held at West Bilney woods on Saturday 6thJuly, and the final event on 20thJuly , under 8’s start at 12 noon , 8-14 years start at 12-30 and seniors first rider off at 1-30 pm .

Some of the KLMTB members have been taking part in the mud,sweat and gears series around East Anglia. The first event visited Henham Park followed by a visit to Carver Baracks and recently to a new venue in Thickthorne.

Name & Category Henham Park Carver Baracks Thickthorne
Ella Walsh/ U9 girls 4th 5th 6th
Max Green/ u9 boys 15th
Harry Titman/ U12 boys 18th 21st 17th
Ben Hoyle / Junior 6th 9th 6th
Colin Mantle/Junior 8th 11th
Jack Bent/Junior 6th
Jo Walsh/Youth 12th 15th 9th
Steven Walsh/Sport 33rd 17th
Shaun Green/Veteran 35th 24th
James Murphy/Vet 7th
Matthew Mantle/Vet 31st 38th
Adrian Hoyle/Grand Veteran  7th 13th 13th
Kevin Lancaster/ Grand vet 17th 29th 18th
Dick Lines/ Super Veteran 12th

For more information follow us on Facebook for Social rides and more race events news.


Sunday 15th September 2019.
10am til 4pm.
Solos, Pairs & Teams of 3

ENTER ONLINE HERE via British Cycling

Bigger, better & back for it’s fifth year…The Shouldham XC Six Hour Enduro, hosted by King’s Lynn MTB Club, takes place on Sunday 15th September, with racing from 10am til 4pm. Held over multiple laps of a course designed by KL MTB, this event is completely organised by club members and is one of the most popular Cross Country Endurance mountain bike events in the Eastern region for solos, pairs and teams of 3. The venue is King’s Lynn MTB’s local grounds, Shouldham Warren, just south of King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

Full event page is here


Dear Members

Happy New Year

We would just like to give you all an update with what the club has planned for 2019.

After stepping back from the Winter Series this season allowing Thetford Racing to take the lead the committee decided that as a club we still needed to keep our grass root events for 2019.

Last year we did not hold the Time Trials series as it was extremely difficult for our volunteers to commit to setting up a 6 mile course, to British Cycling standards, in the time we have after finishing work, it would normally take a minimum of 2 hours set-up and an hour plus to take down. So for 2019 we have changed the venue and the race day in order to give us more time to set-up as required by BC, as they insure the event, plus have time to include the youth riders before the main race.

The venue for the 2019 Time Trial Series will be at West Bilney Woods on a Saturday afternoon (1.30pm), these woods are not as busy as Shouldham but will still give us an excellent challenging course.

The 6 dates will be;

4th May
18th May
8th June
6th July
20th July.

The start time will be 1.30pm, the lap will be between 3 and 4 miles and each rider will complete 2 laps to gain their time. The quickest 4 times from each rider will be added up to give an overall position for the series. There are club trophies for the fastest lap and overall winner, club members only will be eligible to win these trophies. The racing will be open to members and their guests. We hope you will support this event and help out where you can.

The Shouldham Enduro will still take place on 15th September 2019, the entry fee for this this will rise slightly to cover the rising cost of medics, timing, toilets, insurances, prizes, medals and levies. We can then still run this event even with its relatively low numbers as all the organisers are once again all club volunteers.

Away days will be organised on request, if there is a demand for the Velodrome, Sportives, MTB races, trail centres then please contact us and we will ask for other interest via social media, email. Although past experience with these events have forced us to ask for any payment up front to ensure the club does not fund any short fall. For more detail please ask.

Happy new Year to you all, keep pedalling.  Steve


The Revel Outdoors Shouldham Enduro will take place on the 16th September, 2018 at Shouldham Warren, Norfolk.

Teams of 3 riders, Pairs and Solos will race for 6 hours on a challenging and hilly course designed by the Kings Lynn MTB Club.

Full details, including how to enter are available here 


Hi everyone,

If you have read your summary of the KLMTB AGM you will have noted that I have taken over as the club Membership Secretary.  I have been a committee member for a few years now but saw this as a role that I could add some value to.  Please bear with me as I take over the role and get everything together.  There will be a small delay in getting membership cards out to everyone but I will get them to you as soon as possible.

There are a few things that need updating and the new membership forms are just the start of this.

Why am I making the changes?  Well in short we need to make sure that the club is up to date with new General Data Protection Rules (GDPR).  The old systems fell a little bit short of what would be required and having just recently gone through a GDPR review at work I am in a good place to look at making the changes needed.  Please understand that these changes are supposed to be for your security and benefit and are worth it.

What this means for us initially are the following changes to membership processes.

  1. We have had to update the membership forms to allow for you to opt into processes that require us to access and use the personal data that you share with us.
  2. We needed to update the way that we hold the data so that it is kept secure.
  3. We need to make some small changes to the way that membership forms are used.
    1. We need everyone to use the new form.
    2. We need one form per member as each individual member has to make their choices on the opt in’s known.
    3. A new form has to be completed every year as we cannot hold the old data past the 1st of May each year.

I am sorry to say that this will mean a little bit of extra work for some people as some of you have already applied for this years membership with the old forms.  These registrations have been recorded but we will need you to fill out the new format of form.

Please bear with us whilst we make the necessary changes and get things the way that they need to be for the future.  If anyone has any questions or concerns then please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,

Adrian Ankin Murray


The junior coaching sessions during May will be as follows:

5th May – As normal

12th May – No coaching (I am attending a MTB coaching course)

19th May – Promotion day and Junior Time Trial

26th May – As normal

The Promotion day & junior Time Trial on the 19th is to promote the new equipment provided to the club by Norse. I am proposing the following:


All juniors that can attend from the beginners & the Intermediate group meet at 12:30 in the car park. We will have a photo session and possible take a couple of videos of the juniors using the equipment. We will do some basic coaching using the equipment.


Junior time trial for both beginners and Intermediate age groups.

The beginners session will end once the time trial is completed

14;00 or earlier if TT ends earlier

Intermediate group ride around the warren with myself and as many parents as possible that wish to join the ride

15:00 or 1 hr from start of group ride

Coaching session end

The course for the time trial will be a flat course so suitable for all age groups and abilities. It is a fun day and no pressure will be put on to the young riders. I doesn’t matter if they are first or last the important thing is that the join in and have fun.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our club coach Dave on

In just four years KLMTB has become a driving force in the Eastern Region and our events are recognised as among the best in the area. We now need to build on this while providing more opportunities for the more casual rider, so we have decided to make a few changes.

Our club coach, Dave Webster, has developed an innovative coaching scheme that encompasses both adult and junior cyclists that we believe will encourage newcomers and develop existing members’ skills running from March til October.

We are keen to do more rides/ activities that include all types of member and have committed to:
– a programme of monthly social rides both locally and further afield
– support for non competitive rides regularly at Shouldham Warren
– opportunities to provide the chance for family and friends to join us for BBQs, pub grub and more.

Over the last four years we have exceeded expectations so that we have a good reputation as event organisers. We do however need to recognise the work that this entails for a small group of riders and have decided that:
– Shoulham Enduro will continue in its current format and we will build on this by introducing separate events for younger riders. This will develop the event into a competitive activity for the family.
– Junior/youth racing will see the introduction of an interclub race at Shouldham Warren.
– Winter Series will be run and managed by Alan at Thetford Racing 
– Summer Time Trials will be discontinued and replaced with race training evenings in combination with a more relaxed ride on a set route around Shouldham

These are exciting times for KLMTB. We know that our club will continue to provide the very best of MTB action in East Anglia so I’m sure that you’ll all join with me in thanking all those who give so much to make sure our club continues to grow, just as we have done over the last four years.

Please let Steve Collins via or myself know if there is anything that you think we can do over the coming months to make KLMTB the best £10 a year you contribute.

Lastly a reminder that our AGM is on 17th April at the Kings Arms Pub Shouldham for 7/7:30

Andy Lane
Chairman KLMTB


SAVE THE DATES for the Winter Series 2018 / 2019…

4th November 2018

9th December 2018

13th January 2019

17th February 2019



A sunny dry morning greeted the 250 entrants for the last round of the sell out winter series.   What the riders didn’t expect was a Steve Collins specially designed course to test even the strongest legs.  Steve did allow the riders some enjoyment with the rifle butt decent, two bomb holes and his new favourite technical section Collins hideaway to go with the numerous climbs Shouldham has to offer.

The 3 hour category got under way at 10am with Andrew Cockburn (Newdales Cycles), Seb Herrod (Absolute Black) and Paul Ashby (KLMTB) making the early running and Katy Simcock (Team Corley Cycles), Elvita Branch (Sussed out Suspension) and Sarah Hewitt (1-Eleven C6 Bikes) leading the female class.  Cockburn taking the chequered flag in the Senior category by 8 minutes, Ashby making it a clean sweep in the Veteran class 8 mins ahead of Tim Plimmer (Lutterworth Cycles ) and with the home clubs Ashby taking a comfortable series victory.

An exciting race in the Junior category with Kieran Jarvis (Team onform) just pipping KLMTB’s Jacob Shailes to win the round although Shailes took the overall series ahead of Troy Winger (GRT).
The ride of the day came in the 1.5 hour senior race with KLMTB’s new boy Lauris Liepins to take his first podium of the series a hard fort 3rd place and taking 5th in the series.  Mat Eley (EDCC B&T motors) took the win with Jonathan Sheasby (Numbplumz MTB/ AJ cycles) runner up.

Race Results: 1.5 hour Senior Female. 1st Jodie Cole (Epic Orange KTM), 2nd Alison Goss (Gunnvelo) 3rd Lucy Andrew (Zepnat).
1.5 hour Veteran Female. 1st Laura Sampson (Sussed Out) , 2nd Kamilla Norman , 3rd Julie Clark (Witham Wheelers).
1.5 hour Veteran Male. 1st Craig Gunnell (Team gunnvelo), 2nd  Paul Groombridge (Push sport/ Barford hire ) , 3rd Mark Winger(GRT) , 9th Adrian Hoyle , 17th Michael Cubitt , 27th Steve Brewer, 46th Gary Richmond all from KLMTB 91 riders in this category.
3 hour senior female, 1st K. Simcock, 2nd E. Branch, 3rd Vanessa Holmes (Sherwood Pines cycles)
3 hour veteran male. KLMTB members 16th Dave Penny, 22nd Mark Hollingworth, 37th David Webster and 40th Roger Seals
Junior Female 1st Caitlyn Sampson (Sussed out) 2nd Jessica Cobbe (Leicester road club
Youth Female. 1st Hayley Pell (Liv Awol) 2nd Martha Lebentz (Hadleigh CC) 3rd Mollie Bilner (Hadleigh CC).
Youth Male. 1st Alex Dale (LVYCC) 2nd Ollie Hennessy (SNCC) 3rd Ben Hoyle (HKR XC Racing) 5th Ian Pomfret, 8th Colin Mantle both KLMTB.
3 hour senior male, For KLMTB 15th Thomas Dixon, 16th Richard Hallett. Myles Higby 18th in 1.5 hour senior.

Series points only count on completion of 3 out of the 4 races.

The club now start a coaching program for children and ladies for more detail of these sessions, club rides and our next race visit our website or follow us on facebook.

The club would like to thank Revel Outdoors, Thetford Racing, Forestry Commission, Marshals, course preparers, tea ladies and all volunteers and committee members for all their hard work over the series.


On Sunday 5 th November Revel Outdoors {Bury St Edmonds} hosted by Kings Lynn MTB began their
2 nd year of the popular cross country mountain biking Winter Series. The first round of four took
place in the fast forest trails of FR24 Santa Downham , and after a rather damp Saturday the 5.5
mile, mainly singletrack course was a little challenging with some quite muddy sections.
This year’s events will introduce a new category for 14 to 16 year olds to race the same course as the
youth , senior and veteran classes, with some terrific prizes for the podium riders. With the first race
selling out a week before the closing date, (maximum riders 250) the event is becoming ever popular
with exciting venues and competitive racing drawing some of the fastest xc mountain bikers in the
country .

The 3 hour category started at 10pm , with the leaders of the Females completing 6 laps and the
males 7 laps . The 1.5 hour category leaders completed 4laps .
3 hour Female : Senior , 1 st Elvita Branch ( Sussed out suspension). 2 nd Emily Quantrill ( Pheonix
Cycles). 3 rd Sally Watts (1-eleven/ c6 bikes.
3 hour Male : Senior , 1 st Andrew Cockburn (Newdales Cycles). 2 nd Neil Hayward ( Sportstest RT ).
3rd Lee Woodcock (HKR xc Team). 14 th Rihard Hallett and 16 th Thomas Dixon both KLMTB.
3 hour Veteran Female , 1 st Mel Paddington (Newdale Cycles). 2 nd Lynne Coldray (Corley Cycles). 3 rd
Mandie James (Pearce Cycles).
3 hour Veteran Male , 1 st Paul Ashby (KLMTB) . 2 nd Tim Plimmer (Lutterworth Cycles). 3 rd Dave Penny
(KLMTB). ( 18 th Mark Hollingworth , 25 th Dave Webster, 34 th Roger Seals, 40 th Dick Lines all KLMTB.)
1.5 hour Senior Female , 1 st Kate Seally (Octagon cc) . 2 nd Jodie Cole ( Epic Orange) . 3 rd Felicity Hart
(Gravity cc).
1.5 hour Senior Male , 1 st Rob Smithers (KLMTB). 2nd Matt Ellis (Epic Orange). 3 rd Chris Skinner (CS
Velosport). 7 th Lauris Liepins and 34 th Robin Lines both KLMTB .
1.5 hour Veteran Female , 1 st Laura Sampson (Sussed out Suspension) . 2 nd Gillian Leech (Team
TOSH). 3 rd Kamilla Norrman.
1.5 hour Veteran Male , 1 st Mark Winger (GRT) . 2 nd Paul Groombridge (Push Sport/Team Barford). 3 rd
Ben Findlay (Food for sport) for Team KLMTB 13 th Michael Cubitt, 24 th Linley Gales , 34 th Paul
Quantrill, 43 rd Jamie Standen , 60 th Gary Richmond , 64 th Matthew Mantle .
Youth Female 14-16 years, 1 st Harley Pell (Liv awol) . 2 nd Martha Lebentz (Hadleigh cc) . 3 rd Molly
Cutmore ( TPH Racing).
Youth Male 14-16 years , 1 st Alex Dale (LVYCC) . 2 nd Jack Bent (JCB) . 3 rd Robin De Freitas. 4 th Colin
Mantle (KLMTB).
1.5 hour Junior Female , 1 st Cecilia Hime (St Ives cc) . 2 nd Jessica Cobbe (Leicester Rc) . 3 rd Megan
Bettles (Clee Cycles).

1.5 hour Junior Male , 1 st Kieran Jarvis (cycle team onform) . 2 nd Jack Parrish (Ipswich cc). 3 rd Troy
Winger (GRT). 4 th Jacob Shailes (KLMTB).
1 hour Fun Race Winners . Female , Ruth Angrave. Male , Matthew Poncia.
Fastest lap of the day Kieran Jarvis. 25 mins 38 secs.
The next round is on 10 th December 2017 at West Bilney Woods .
Entries and information can be found at here

Summer MTB Time Trial Overall Results

We have calculated the overall winners for the KLMTB Club Series ( The best 4 times from the 6 rounds) and we are delighted to announce that in 3rd place was Dave Penny (KLMTB) with a time. In 2nd place was Jacob Shailes (KLMTB).
The winner of the club series and defending his title from last year was James Murphy (KLMTB).

Scott Bishop took the overall win for a second year running. Congratulations!

Jason Boutell (Team KTM Impsport R7) was the winner of the fastest lap of the series with a superb time of 25 minutes and 20 seconds. 

Many congratulations and well done to the winners and to everyone who has taken part in this event.

KLMTB Summer MTB Time Trials Overall Results…

Round 6 – Thursday 20th July

KLMTB Summer MTB Time Trials Rd 6 Results…

Round 5 – Thursday 6th July

KLMTB Summer MTB Time Trials Rd 5 Results…

Round 4 – Thursday 22nd June

KLMTB Summer MTB Time Trials Rd 4 Results…

Round 3 – Thursday 8th June

KLMTB Summer MTB Time Trials Rd 3 Results…

Round 2 – Thursday 25th May

KLMTB Summer MTB Time Trials Rd 2 Results…

Round 1 – Thursday 11th May

KLMTB Summer MTB Time Trials Rd 1 Results…

Key Events 2017/18…

Evening MTB Summer Time Trials – Summer 2017:

MTB time trials around Shouldham Warren are being held for a fifth year running.

The course will be close to a 6 mile loop with plenty of single track, climbs with thrilling downhills and short sharp climbs to test your fitness.

The format will be 1 lap against the clock. The times will be accumulated, your fastest 4 times from the 6 events will give the final series positions. Each round is restricted to 30 riders, to secure your place you can pre-enter by emailing The entry fee will be £5.00 on the night.

The start time 19.00hrs. You will need to have signed on and collected your number by 18.50hrs.

Tea and cakes will be available at the event but no facilities.

KLMTB club members will be eligible to contest for the MTB trophy with their 4 best times being counted – the rider with the quickest accumulated time will be declared the winner.  There will be a trophy in both the men’s and women’s categories, numbers permitting.

For our guest riders only there will be an additional prize for the fastest lap from the series.

For each round all race numbers will be drawn for a spot prize so ensure you hand your number back after you have raced.

All rounds are sanctioned by British Cycling, King’s Lynn MTB Club will endeavour to run within British Cycling guidelines.

The dates for the 5th year of the King’s Lynn MTB evening time trials are:-

Round 1 – Thursday 11th May

Round 2: Thursday 25th May

Round 3: Thursday 8th June

Round 4: Thursday 22nd June

Round 5: Thursday 6th July

Round 6: Thursday 20th July

For all the Results from previous Series see the News Section.


All of our events have tea and home made cake available on the day, with proceeds going towards club funds.

Six Hour Enduro Event

The Shouldham Enduro

Sunday 10th September 2017.

Bigger, better & back for it’s third year…The Shouldham Six Hour Enduro, hosted by King’s Lynn MTB Club, takes place on Sunday 10th September, with racing from 10am til 4pm. Held over multiple laps of a course designed by KL MTB, this event is the latest Cross Country Endurance mountain bike event in the Eastern region for solos, pairs and teams of 3. The venue is King’s Lynn MTB’s local grounds, Shouldham Warren, just south of King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

Online entry and more details announced shortly. So watch this space!

KLMTB Christmas Bash 2017

This year will see the fifth MTB Christmas Bash held at Shouldham Warren on Sunday 17th December 2017 sign on closes at 10.30am ready to race at 11am.  This ‘end of the year’ event will be based on a mountain bike cross country race with a mass start. Duration of the race will be over 6 laps or no more than 1.5 hours (whichever is achieved first). Each lap is approx 3 miles long.   This event is a social race with many riders opting for fancy dress instead of their normal race attire. Although more relaxed there will still be prizes awarded for 1st,2nd and 3rd with additional spot prizes on the day.

Fancy dress is optional!

Fancy dress is optional!

Entry fee will be £15.00 on the day. For Club members & guests only. Pre-booking can be done by emailing Highly Recommended!!!

KLMTB Winter Series 2017/18

After a successful first year, back again for Winter 2017/18 is our back to basics mtb race series for novices to seasoned racers…

The Revel Outdoors Winter Series hosted by Kings Lynn MTB.

This race series will go across two counties, taking in some old favourites and fresh single track over four rounds.

Save the Dates;
Round 1 – November 5th
Round 2 – December 10th
Round 3 – January 14th
Round 4 – February 18th

Full event details; format, entry fees, venues etc announced soon!

From everyone at Kings Lynn MTB Club, we hope to see you at some of our club events. 

Want to know more about any event? Email

Summer MTB Time Trials 2017

This year’s MTB Time Trials at Shouldham Warren are on the following dates:

Round 1 – Thursday 11th May

Round 2: Thursday 25th May

Round 3: Thursday 8th June

Round 4: Thursday 22nd June

Round 5: Thursday 6th July

Round 6: Thursday 20th July

All rounds / events are for club members and guests only, the first away will be at 19:00hrs prompt. Racing is from 4 years and up.

All 6 races will be over the same course, normally around 6 miles. Up for grabs is the “Fastest Lap” trophy competed for by Club Members and Guests. Then there is the “Overall Series Winner” this is competed for by club members only and will be decided with the shortest time accumulation from 4 of the 6 races.

Want to know more / enquiries please email

Revel Outdoors Winter Series

Our inaugural Winter Series is well underway. Visit for more details and online entry!


Ard Rock Enduro – Kevin Beales

Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to get an entry in the Ard Rock Enduro up in the Yorkshire Dales, this is renowned as being one of the countries top events with a couple of thousand riders tackling the course over the weekend. A 43km route around Swaledale compromising of 5 timed gravity stages with untimed transitions between each. The day of my race saw 25mph winds and reports of 40mph gusts up on the dales. I set off with a litter trepidation and under no illusions as to what lay ahead. The climb to stage one was steep but mostly road, the good thing about Enduro is you get time to recover, drink, eat and prepare before you tackle each stage. Stage 1 was probably the steepest toughest gnarliest descent I had ever attempted, boulders rocks loose scree, off the dale down into a wood then steep rooty loam, needless to say I managed to throw myself over the bars, going to slow my own fault should have attacked it! I made it to the end of stage, bruised arm thank god I have pads and spine protector, thinking I’m out of my ability depth here! Can I make it through 5 stages in one piece. I rode and pushed my bike (it was bloody steep) on to stage two lots of doubt in my mind as to what I had let myself in for. Stage two passed without incident just the wind playing a big part as you raced down tight ledges with steep drops. Feeling a bit more confident and with a long haul and climb up to stage 3 I took a break refuelled. This stage was like a roller coaster of rock and scree snaking down a gulley to the valley below. It was on this stage disaster struck getting slightly off line on a steep chute I hit a big rock which threw me over the bars again catching my chin on a rock as I went down. Luckily nothing to serious, medics stopped it bleeding and with more bruises I carried on. A bit shaken at the bottom my goal was to survive this not worry about my stage times I’d already lost 15 mins from crashes. Another long transition to stage four with a very long climb I plodded on. This stage was another drop into a river valley, steep, fast and loose but I survived! Then came a horrible hike a bike back up to the top of dale, seriously it was like mountaineering nobody could ride it. The next few miles was up on top of the dales fighting the strong winds one way or the other. Eventually I reached stage five, composed myself tried to save what energy I had left and make it to the finish still on my bike. To my relief this stage was a super fast grassy descent zigzagging down through the sheep fields and stone walls. I made it near enough in one piece five and a half hours later, forty two minutes my stage times half an hour slower than the winners but I didn’t mind, after hearing about the amount of injuries and two people airlifted in critical condition I was happy to still be in one piece. Ardrock was a tough experience probably out of my depth but I feel elated to have achieved it.

Kevin Beales KLMTB

kevin beales

MTB Time Trials 2016 Overall Results

We have calculated the overall winners for the KLMTB Club Series ( The best 4 times from the 6 rounds) and we are delighted to announce that in 3rd place was Paul Quantrill (KLMTB) with a time of 1 hour 48 minutes. In 2nd place was Dave Penny (KLMTB) with a cumulative time of 1 hour 47 minutes and 13 seconds.
The winner of the club series by nearly 1 minute with a total time of 1 hour 46 minutes and 24 seconds was James Murphy (KLMTB / Pedal Addiction).

Scott Bishop took the overall win with a combined time of 1 hour 45 minutes and 2 seconds. Congratulations!

Chris Hunter (HKR / KLMTB) was the winner of the fastest lap of the series with a superb time of 25 minutes and 55 seconds. Due to forestry works the course was only the same for 4 rounds out of the six. The four same courses were used for the fastest lap competition.

Many congratulations and well done to the winners and to everyone who has taken part in this event.

See all the results for the six rounds and overall positions here.


Leonard Cheshire ‘Cycle Together Sandringham’

For members Gary Richmond, Michael Cubitt and Jonny Sayer this was their first 100 mile ride. Here are their accounts of the day.


Sandringham 100 miles sportive.
The three musketeers as we were renamed myself, Gary and young Jonny all doing our first 100 miler.
On leaving Sandringham we soon got a good pace going overtaking Steve Munden, Russell, and Ady the so called quick 50 group! (Steve M punctured). The first 29 miles to the first feed station was fun with an interesting route. On reaching Holkham the Garmin said average18.7, holy CR*P Gary replied! Quick toilet stop and a refuel and we were back on it although the drag out of Holkham estate was a bit tough going.  We passed one of my childhood homes just outside Wighton, and the pace kept up reasonably all the way to the 54 mile feed station at Holt, when as I jumped off my bike I cramped up in the hamstring ouch! Stretch, refuel and a bit of a walk to the loo and I was ready for the big one, coastal hills and Bard Hill.
Our average was 17.8 and after the little cramp problem I started feeling quite good and proceeded to leave the other two for a short while until we reached the top of Bard Hill where we regrouped and ploughed on back to Holkham via a little miss judgment downhill in Cley (the other two said it’s funny how there was a pub on my turning circle.)

We rewarded ourselves with a slightly longer refuel, then with showers threatening we kicked on the last 21 miles. With the climb out of Creake done and the poor chap that had had 3 punctures passed, the persimmon sprint rode the proper way in a 3 man train at a decent lick the three musketeers had done it crossing the line together with an emotional hand shake.  It had been an honour to ride with two gents of the road and with my Garmin saying 17 average with over 4000 feet of climbing,  we were well chuffed.

A big thank you to all the support and well done to all the KLMTB members who took part.


Cycle Together Sandringham – 12 June 2016

Maiden 100 miler…………

After arriving and signing on, we all lined up for some club pictures before setting off.  Named by Lorraine as The Three Musketeers, Michael and Jonny began their “unexpected” task of dragging, towing and encouraging me round the course!  Living in the flat Fens the hills were a bit of a challenge for me!  With Bard Hill at just over 60 miles in being a bit of a killer!  This made the 80 mile feed station even more of a welcome respite.  We had the weather on our side and were lucky with not having any bike issues.  We arrived back at Park House after 6 hours riding with sore A**ES and aching legs but also with a great sense of achievement and teamwork.  I really enjoyed the day so thanks again Michael and Jonny.



Race report

Mud Sweat and Gears, round 3, Santon Downham, 8/05/16

Kings Lynn MTB turned out in full force at the latest installment of East Anglia’s Mud Sweat and Gears series, round 3. Playing an integral role as the partner club for this round, klmtb worked wonders with the organizers to help produce a fast and more importantly fun course at Santon Downham’s fire road 24. With the sun shining, conditions hot, lots of happy mtber’s took to the start line in every category. One thing was for sure, racing was guaranteed to be fast and furious!

The morning races did not disappoint and the club had a host of fantastic results. Lorraine Collins rode an amazing race to take the top step of the podium in the Women’s Open race beating her nearest rival, Sara Flatt by over 2 minutes. As she crossed the line, she was completely unaware of her fantastic ride until it was announced by the event organizers. Club member and Team Pedal Addiction rider Em Quantrill rode a confident race to finish 3rd in the women’s Expert/Elite field and stepped on the podium for the first time this year.

msg thtfrd 16_

Dom Clarke’s recent top form was evident again with an impressive 2nd place in the Men’s open category not far behind fellow club member and Team Pedal Addiction rider James Murphy who won the race from last place on the grid of over 80 riders. More strong rides came from Paul Quantrill who after lying in 2nd place, punctured on lap 2 but rode a stormer to come home in 6th. Linley Gales, despite a few tumbles, crossed the line in 13th, slightly off his usual top ten performances but a strong ride all the same. Richard Hallett finished a brilliant 27th after a long time away from racing. More great rides came from Stephen Croft 32nd, Roger Seales 67th and Jason Hunter 85th.

Representing the younger end of the club spectrum, Joe Allen enjoyed a great race to finish 5th in the under 9’s category. Robin Lines finished 6th place in the Junior Male cat with some very consistent riding.

The afternoon saw some of the biggest fields racing and the club were in the thick of it once again. As ever, the Veteran Male category was crammed full and the competition fierce. Dave Penny, part of this action crossed the line in an exciting sprint finish to take 7th place. Fellow club member, Steven Green finished 52nd.

Steve Munden overtook most of the field in the Grand Veteran Male category to finish a fantastic 12th from the back of the grid. Dick Lines, after 4 months off racing came in 40th.

Another great days racing for Kings Lynn MTB and a buzzing event put on by themselves and the guys at Mud, Sweat and Gears. Happy days!!!

msg thtfrd 16

King’s Lynn MTB News Update April 2016

The stunning setting of Henham Park, Suffolk, played host to the second round, keenly anticipated by many following the mud-fest at round one.
A strong turnout from the club and some great riding saw the blue and yellows take first in the Men’s Open with Paul Quantrill, who led from the start and mastered the A lines and short sharp climbs with ease.
Not far behind, Dom Clarke, after missing Round 1, rode a stormer to bag third place and another club podium.
Linley Gales, looking stronger than ever, came in fourth, also proving that KLMTB has got some great talent in this category.
Roger Seales came in 58th out of a field of 71 but more importantly aced the double drop off A line every lap.
In the Women’s Expert/Elite race, club member Em Quantrill, riding in her first year as an Expert, came home in fourth.
The afternoon’s races after a mix of hail and rain changed up the already slippery conditions to make some of the course simply unrideable for many.
Dave Penny, in the strongly contested Veteran category, rode to a confident 10th place just one week after riding the infamous Paris-Roubaix sportive; Adrian Murray came home in 58th.
Robin Lines in the Junior male crossed the line in 7th.
Round 3 is at Fire Road 24, Santon Downham, May 8.
Another great day for KLMTB on the racing scene.

It was a deceivingly tough course with lots of long and short climbs mixed in and some nice techy bits to test the reflexes.
Not to be outdone, mile muncher Russell Miller completed the Dirty Reiver 200 challenge with some crazy stats; 120 miles, 3400m of climbing, riding time 9:56 and elapsed time 10:16.


Alive on Two Wheels

A celebration of cycling. Come and meet some cycling clubs and take part in taster cycling activities. Fun for all the family!
At Alive Lunnsport, Saturday 23rd April 2016, 10am-4pm. 
West Norfolk Sports Awards 2016 – Finalists!
Our Revel Outdoors/KLMTB Shouldham Enduro 2015 has been nominated for the West Norfolk Sports Awards sports event of the year award and we are through to the final three. The result will be announced on Wednesday evening, live on KLFM, at a prestigious ceremony in Kings Lynn that will be attended by many of our committee. We face some stiff opposition so, along with our in house videos, and our Chairman’s 20 minutes (edited to 30 seconds) to camera, we are hoping that the judging panel understand just what we have achieved.
Just to be nominated is praise enough but when asked on camera if we wanted to win the Chairmans reply was “Too f*** ing right we do!” I think they might edit that, but please congratulate one another on a fantastic achievement by an amazing club. Look what we have achieved together in 18 months…
West Norfolk Sports Awards – Event of the Year nomination video. Apologies for my terrible presentation, it was cold, wet and well edited to cut the industrial language. Great to see our young club in such exalted company though.

Fakenham Criterium 

Fakenham Criterium races. These will be run on closed roads round the picturesque North Norfolk town centre on a 1k circuit (approx..). The event is being run by Active Fakenham with the help of the local club the East Coast Riders and others from around the Norfolk.

There are four races covering most abilities from youth to National B (E1, 2, 3) and a cat 4 race. Each race is under an hour.

The town centre will be closed to traffic for the day. Events will include British Cycling licenced cycle races for various ages and abilities, a 1K Easter Fun run, a 5K RunEngland mixed ability road race and local organisations running stalls and activities to showcase their wares.

Numbers will be limited as the one kilometre course is challenging with some tight corners, narrow roads and various surfaces, but with some fast straights and slight hills.

Fakenham Race poster

Revel Outdoors Winter Series 2016/17


G8 MTB Winter series, Round 3 23.01.2016

This weekend saw more great racing from the guys at KLMTB.  The races were held at Santon Downham  providing a mix of fire road, single track and some technical sections  on a new, farm location. Conditions were wet to say the least and staying upright was going to be a key factor but the skies were bright and there was racing to be done.

First up was Robin Lines who after not racing since MSG Hadleigh September 2015, took on the 2hr junior category. Loving the ‘fast flowing technical sections’, Robin was having a great race despite a puncture half way round his 3rd lap and more tyre issues on the final 4th lap. Robin still managed a well deserved 2nd place podium and can be pretty chuffed with that.

Next up, Mark Hollingworth in the 2hr Open. Placed right at the back of the mass start, Mark wasted no time battling through the field at the start of the opening fire roads giving him lots of opportunity to  overtake. Fighting for the first 3 laps in the top 3, Mark navigated his way through tight, twisty single track, sandy climbs and a bmx track style section. Getting stronger as the race lengthened, Mark put in his fastest lap, on the final lap to bring home a fantastic 2nd place.

Fellow rider, Dom Clarke rode the 4hr Open race. Again Dom has had a bit of a break from xc racing with his last outing being the KLMTB Xmas bash dressed in a reindeer onesie. During the Xmas Bash, he managed one of the most spectacular fancy dressed tumbles the club has ever seen! Nevertheless, back in proper club kit, Dom was feeling confident about the 4 hr race and rode through tough muddy conditions. He held 1st place for an impressive 6 and a half laps. However, unlucky for Dom, the dreaded cramp kicked in on lap 7 and he had to stop for some quick refueling but still finished up with a well earned 2nd place and another podium.

Representing in the 4 hr veteran category was Adrian Murray. Adrian’s race was marred with technical issues with a loose crank causing some serious problems. However, after a visit to the pits on the first lap and some help from Pedal Addiction’s Scott, he was on his way again undeterred. Despite the technicals coming thick and fast and  a few loose spokes on lap 4, Adrian still managed his first podium for the club and a 3rd place.

Some great results there and great to see the club keeping up the racing. Bodes well for the rest of 2016!!!

4 hour podium, Dom C.

Lenzerheide DH/XCO World Cup 03.07.2016
Club member, Rob Smithers, is looking to gauge interest in numbers for a trip to ride the area and watch the MTB World Cup at Lenzerheide in Switzerland on the 8-10th July 2016. This is a double bill weekend with both XCO and DH events.
He’s estimating £700 for the week for flights and accommodation, excluding food/drink for the week.
Current initial idea
  • Stay from Sunday 3rd / Monday 4th July – Monday 11th July
  • Cabin/Apartments for up to 6-8 have been around £1200-1500, so £200-250 per person
  • Flights will be Circa £100+ return from Gatwick – Zurich, plus £70 each way for bike baggage
  • Either hire Van or Car to drive to Lenzerheide (80-90miles)

If you are interested please email for further details.

Club Prize Presentation

Superb presentation evening at Arbuckles last night.

Congratulations to all Prize winners:
Most improved rider 2015; Joe Allen
Mtb tt series winner; Dave Penny
Mtb tt series runner up; Chris Hunter
Mtb tt series fastest lap; Lee Woodcock
KLMTBs newest Lumber Jack; Steve Munden
And thanks to everyone who was able to attend

Club Prize Presentation

December witnesses the second annual KL MTB prize presentation and end of season celebratory meal taking place on the evening of 6th December, sitting down at 7.30pm, at Arbuckles restaurant on the outskirts of Downham Market.

During the evening, presentations will take place for the 2015 Evening Mountain Bike Time Trials series.

We’ll also be presenting the trophy for the most improved rider, nominated by the committee and selected by club members.

The nominees are:

Joe Allen
Current U9 East Region Champion and Second in the U9 MSG series, Joe is an up and coming talent!
Many members often forget the actual age of Joe as he is one of the youngest and most active club members. Being just eight years old it’s amazing to see him out with the rest of the club either on a Thursday evening social ride or a club ride around the Thetford Forest area.

joe 5by3

Steve Booth
After many seasons on the road, Steve, one of our senior members, has this year discovered the joys of knobbly tyres and single track. The year has been truly eventful for Steve…tackling technical single track including steep drops that he dared to only to dream of riding down. After coming off several times when clashing with stumps and roots, there was the “big one” where that moment’s lack of concentration – we’ve all been there! Whilst tackling a steep drop, Steve ended up with a cracked rib. We have now named this feature “Steve’s Drop”. Undeterred after a short rest, Steve was back and more determined to enjoy riding his mountain bike. He can be found experiencing the joys of night riding on a Monday night and the Old Gits ride on a Friday Morning.

Steve Booth

Dom Clarke
When he started earlier in the year, Dom’s first result was top 20 at an MSG event. Over the season Dom slowly progressed into the top 10. By the end of the season Dom was finishing towards the sharp end of the Open category, with a 5th position at the Thetford race. Not settling for the shorter cross country races Dom also successfully completed the Thetford T10 event in October as a solo entrant. Next season is already looking really positive for Dom.

Dom Clarke

Paul Quantrill
Lycra shorts, 2 podium spots at MSG and a broken collar bone all in one season.
Slowly improving race by race, Paul gained a first place at Caver Barracks in March,  a broken collar bone mid-Summer, then coming back stronger with another podium at the Chelmsford MSG round 7 in August. To retain the confidence needed, to give the full commitment necessary to finish on the podium after such an injury is indeed commendable.

Paul Quantrill

Roger Seals
From a complete novice to Shouldham Enduro conqueror…Roger joined the club last summer after witnessing our MTB TT’s one Thursday evening. On his first club ride Roger was often found struggling at the rear and even walking up some of the Shouldham ascents but now 18 months on his fitness and handling ability has majorly improved. Roger has  overcome challenge after challenge, most respectfully six hours, solo category, at the Enduro in September. He even tackled the Olympic course at Hadleigh finishing the MSG event in 47th, just taking on this world famous course was a huge achievement for Roger.

Roger Seales

So there’s your top 5 most improved riders for KL MTB 2015. The winner will be selected by all club members at the prize presentation evening.

Good luck!

6 hour Enduro at Shouldam Warren

The race was sponsored by Revel Outdoors cycle shop from Bury St Edmunds.

The sun really did shine on Kings Lynn MTB Club who organised their inaugural 6 hour Endurance Race on the 6th September 2015 at Shouldham Warren.

Some 160 riders from all over the country arrived early Sunday morning for the 6 hour enduro over a fantastic course designed by KLMTB.  We must first remember that this fledgling club has only been in existence for some 18 months and what a club it is becoming.  KLMTB Club has previously hosted a regional round of the East’s Mud, Sweat and Gears and the 5 x 3 Series, so to take on the huge task of running an Enduro event in its first full year is testament to the incredible commitment and passion of the members in KLMTB.  Revel Outdoors must also be congratulated for supporting the event with prizes and their expertise, without this partnership this event could not have happened.

There had been some rain before the event which had settled the trails down well and it was thought that the course would be running faster as the race progressed throughout the day, as the sun began to shine, we were not to be disappointed.

The Club itself entered some 30 riders into the event, with all but 2 categories represented by KLMTB.

Watch the below video to get an idea of the day or click here to read the full race report!

Summer MTB Time Trial Series Standings

Last night was the last Time Trial event of our 2015 series. We hope that everyone enjoyed this event which could not take place without all the help given by our Marshalls, Time keepers, Cake makers, Tea and coffee makers, Course setting up and taking down gents and everyone else who helps out either on the night or with the preparations.
We have had an excellent turn out and the full results can be found here

In the meantime a huge congratulations and well done goes to the KLMTB club member who wins the trophy for the cumulative 4 fastest laps this year – Dave Penny.

Well done to Lee Woodcock who managed an incredible time of 23 minutes 54 seconds to win the trophy for the fastest lap.

The trophies will be presented at our annual presentation evening later this year.

Our next event is the Revel Outdoors Summer Enduro event on 6th September at Shouldham. Course preparations are well under way and entries are now being accepted.

Hope to see you all there!!

Round  6 Summer MTB Time Trial – Thursday 30th July 19.00hrs

A greasy & cool evening greeted the riders for the final round of the Summer MTB TT. Even in the unfavourable conditions there were some fast times recorded. Click the link to see the Round 6 Results

Round  5 Summer MTB Time Trial – Thursday 16th July 19.00hrs

A warm and dry summers evening greeted just under 40 riders who took part in the latest round of the evening MTB TT series.  There was a new fastest lap set by Lee Woodcock……Will this stand or be beaten in the final round?

Its all to play for for the overall series champion with results at the sharp end of the field looking very close.  Full results from Round 5 can be found here.

Mud Sweat and Gears Round 6 Ickworth 5th July 2015

Round 6 of the MSG series at Ickworth was quite a local venue for the King’s Lynn MTB Club riders. 14 entered the racing on what they thought was going to be a glorious day, the sun was out and the temperature was warming up but how wrong they all were. The heavens opened just as the racing started, it then turned into a race of skills and attrition.

A course designed through freshly cut grass and clay soil resulted in anything and everything sticking like the proverbial to both rider and bike!

The results were mixed but the determination from all was immense just to finish the race.

Dominating the Grand Veterans Cat again was Paul Ashby finishing a lap ahead of the 2nd place rider. James Murphy rested from his holiday produced his best result for the series. Emily Quantrill is getting stronger with each race finishing 1st in her category of Sport Female and 2nd overall. Dom Clark improving on his last result with 6th. All the club members who raced are gaining confidence and strength as seen in their results.

The full race report, including the riders perspectives, can be found here.

msg start

Round  4 Summer MTB Time Trial – Thursday 2nd July 19.00hrs

Results are here.

Round  3 Summer MTB Time Trial – Thursday 18th June 19.00hrs

Plenty of riders signed on for round 3 of the summer tt league. Good weather & a dry route made the racing tight!

Full results can be found here: Round 3 Time Trial Results.

Mud Sweat & Gears Rd 5 7th June – Thetford Forrest 

Kings Lynn MTB Looking for Strong Results on Home Ground At a Sunny, Hot, Dry, Fast course at Thetford Forest
Kings Lynn MTB Club was looking to build on their fantastic success of two 1st place podium positions in the Mud, Sweat and Gears Series at Hadleigh Olympic Park.
The Club had 13 riders racing in the Mud, Sweat and Gears, Round 5 held at Thetford Forest.

Read the full race report that made it’s way onto the UKXC News website by clicking here!

Round  2 Summer MTB Time Trial – Thursday 4th June 19.00hrs

Another excellent turn out for round 2 of the summer tt league. The weather was great and the course was riding fast with a few sandy patches keeping the riders on their toes!

Full results can be found here: Round 2 Time Trial Results.

Round 1 Summer MTB Time Trial – Thursday 21st May 19.00hrs

What a fantastic start to the 2015 King’s Lynn MTB Club Time Trial series.

Round 1 on the 21st May at Shouldham Warren has set the standard, 29 riders were up for the challenge against the clock, taking on this year’s new course, 5.6 mile of some of the best, most challenging MTB trails in Norfolk. The rain earlier in the week had settled the dust, the bracken now beginning to grow really helping to enhance the single track, with that fresh green growth.

Read the full results here!

James Murphy RD 1

Mud Sweat & Gears Rd 4 10th May – Hadleigh 

Following the long awaited opening of the Hadleigh Olympic Park, the venue played host to Round 4 of the Mud, Sweat and Gears series and was well attended by Kings Lynn MTB Club, 10 riders made the trip to Essex to take on the mighty course.

Paul Ashby in Grand Vet’s was looking for another win following his 1st place in Round 3; he did not disappoint taking another 1st with his closest rival some 3 ½ minutes behind –  a well-deserved win for Paul.

Read the entire report here.

British Cycling National XC Rd 1 – Sherwood Pines

Well done to club members James, Rob, Lee & Kevin who all raced in round 1 of the British Cycling Cross Country Nationals at Sherwood Forrest at the weekend. Luckily they all raced on the Saturday when the weather was a lot kinder than what the riders had to face Sunday. James finished 16th in the Sport Cat with Rob not far behind in 20th. Kevin and Lee both raced in the Open Cat, Lee in 43rd and Kevin coming home in 52nd.

The weather that greeted the riders taking part in first Spring Rumble event was totally opposite to the picture but this didn’t put us off! The riders started with a hill climb followed by some fast paced elimination racing. The racing was totally different your normal xc racing but those who took part enjoyed every moment of it! So we’ll definitely be organising a similar event in the near future!

klmtb nationals rd1

Spring Rumble Results

Hill Climb
1st Paul Ashby 2.53.61
2nd Alex Carpenter 2.55.46
3rd Dan Collins 3.00.30
4th Paul Quantrill 3.04.36
5th Dave Penny 3.06.04
6th Russell Rout 3.07.55
7th Neil Allen 3.17.64
8th Dom Clark 3.19.83
9th Emily Quantrill 3.35.06
10th Richard Cook 3.36.22
11th Joe Allen 4.49.06
12th Roger Seals 5.01.23
13th Jason Hunter 7.07.00
Devil A
1st Paul Ashby
2nd Alex Carpenter
3rd Dan Collins
4th Dave Penny
5th Russell Rout
6th Neil Allen
7th Jason Hunter
Devil B
1st Paul Quantrill
2nd Dom Clarke
3rd Richard Cook
4th Emily Quantrill
5th Roger Seals

MSG – Eastern XC Series Rd2 Carver Barracks – 22nd March

Club members traveled down to Carver Barracks, Essex for Round 2 of the Mud Sweat and Gears mountain bike cross country race series. 10 members entered to race this very technical, testing course, producing some fantastic results.
Husband and wife Paul and Emily Quantrill having a very successful day, both winning their categories gaining maximum points to take into the next round. In the under 9’s, 7 year old Joe Allen gained his first podium place, coming 3rd –  a really good result as Joe was one of the youngest riders in that category. Russell Miller taking 2nd and a place on the podium in the Grand Veterans class.
Rob Smithers stepping up a class at this round, taking on the longer race with the more experienced riders, but still managing to gain a credible 12th place.
The full results for King’s Lynn MTB Club  riders were :-
Grand Veterans 
2nd Russell Miller
Open Male
1st Paul Quantrill
18th Dom Clarke
22nd Linley Gales
36th Kevin Beals
Sport Female  
1st Emily Quantrill
Sport Male      
7th James Murphy
12th Rob Smithers
17th Dave Penny
Under 9’s
3rd Joe Allen
Round 3 is at Henham Park, Suffolk on the 12th April

MSG – Eastern XC Series Rd1

Our local riders from the King’s Lynn MTB Club gained 3 podium positions.  In the Ladies Open category Emily Quantrill battled to a 2nd place, Rob Smithers competing in the men’s Open category took 2nd and in the very competitive Grand Veterans, Paul Ashby gained an impressive 1st place.King’s Lynn Mountain Bike Club hosted the first round of the now established Mud, Sweat and Gears mountain bike race series. For the second year Shouldham Warren welcomed close to 400 competitors from all over East Anglia, from under 9’s, taking part in a combined coaching/race day, to some of the countries Elite riders looking to gain national points which go towards their overall standings with British Cycling.

Click to read the full MSG RD 1 2015 Race Report.

5by3 Push Sport Rd 4 Report

This was the second year the club has hosted a round of the popular 5by3 Push Sport MTB racing series at Shouldham Warren. Read how club members got on here.

Cycle Specific Yoga Class

We’ve organised a cycling based yoga workshop booked for the 7th March at Fincham village hall, meeting at 9.30 am for a 10 am start. The workshop will cost £15 per person. If you would like to come along please email so we can put you on the list and get the booking forms to you.

5by3 Rd3 Results

9 riders where in action in the 3rd round of the 5by3 race held at Eccles Hall on Sunday.

Congratulations to Em Quantrill who won the ladies event, with Lorraine Collins finishing in second place. In the mens race Rob Smithers finished in second spot.

Well done to all our racers including Linley Gales, Mike Cubitt, Paul Quantrill, Kevin Beales and Adrian Murray.

5by3 rd3
Junior member Joe Allen was also in action in the Under 12 race crossing the line just outside the top 10 but putting in a sterling performance against riders some 4 years older than him.

2014 Season Review

2014 has been a truly fantastic year for King’s Lynn MTB Club. Since forming in April this year we have gone from strength to strength.  The clubs affiliation to British Cycling was the first big step for us…click to read the rest of the 2014 end of year report.

2014 Prize Presentation

Sunday 21st December witness the inaugural club presentation held at Arbuckles Restaurant, Downham Market.

A superb turn-out from club members, their family and friends made the evening a casual get together with the option of a three course meal followed by a small presentation hosted by our Chairman and Vice Chair.

Award Winners of 2014;

Most Improved Rider 2014: Emily Quantril

Summer MTB TT Series Winner: Dave Penny

Summer MTB TT Series 2nd Place: Chris Hunter

Summer MTB TT Series 3rd Place: Russell Rout

Summer MTB TT Series Fastest Lap: Chris Hunter

Along with a more comical award for worst time keeping at Dusk til Dawn 2014 going to John C…the question now is will he keep this title and award come 2015??

2014 Club Winners

2014 Club Winners

Christmas Bash Race Results

Click here to see the race results from the Christmas Bash held on Sunday 21st December 2014.


2015 race dates annouced

Visit the club events section of the KLMTB website to see the latest, confirmed race dates for the 2015 season.

Thetford Mtb Racing Winter Series 2014/15 Rd1 Race Report

Round 1 Fire Road 24, Santon Downham 2nd November 2015

The first round of the 2014/15 Thetford MTB winter series started at the relatively flat course of Santon Downham, near Brandon.

The course was just over 6 miles a lap.  There were a couple of technical sections, with pits and bomb holes with the remainder of the course consisting of fire roads and single track.

This area of the Thetford Forest is notorious for the endless undulations or “whoops”  this calls for strong legs and the best way to travel through these is to stand and push a big gear, or otherwise it’s a very bumpy ride!!.

The rain also added to the mix, as almost 400 competitors were waiting on the start line when the heavens opened, this lasted for about an hour into the race

Click here to read the full race report.

A special thanks to John Styles for the photos. See all his photos here.

Dusk til Dawn 2014 Race Report

What a night for the club! Results for  King’s Lynn MTBladies 1st, Solo male 5th, 53rd. Male pair 6th. Male 3 man 5th, 13th, 16th. Male 4 man 2nd, 4th, 5th, 13th.

Read the full race report here.


King’s Lynn MTB Riders filling the front row ready for the start of Dusk til Dawn 2014.

Mud Sweat & Gears Round 7 Report

We were pleased to host Round 7 of the Mud Sweat & Gears series on Sunday 7th September at Shouldham Warren.  Our club riders performed exceptionally well. Click here for  Race Report MSG Round 7

Just one of the podium places from the day for KL MTB riders

Just one of the podium places from the day for KL MTB riders

Final Results from the MTB TT summer series at Shouldham Warren

We now have all the results from the TT series and have calculated the overall winners ( The best 4 times from the 6 rounds) and we are delighted to announce that in 3rd place was Russell Rout (KLMTB) with a time of 1 hour 47 minutes and 58 seconds. In 2nd place was Chris Hunter (EHF/KLMTB) with a cumulative time of 1 hour 43 minutes and 58 seconds,  but the winner of the series by 16 seconds with a total time of 1 hour 43 minutes and 42 seconds was Dave Penny (KLMTB) .

Chris Hunter (EHF/KLMTB) was the winner of the fastest lap of the series with a superb time of 25 minutes and 26 seconds.  A special mention to the 4 riders Richard Cook, Matthew Mantle, Dave Penny and Colin Mantle who took part and completed every round of the series.

Many congratulations and well done to the winners and to everyone who has taken part in this event.

Click here for the Summer Time Trials 2014 Final Results

Round 6 Summer MTB Time Trial – Thursday 7th August 19.00hrs

This was the final round of our MTB TT series and the conditions were superb.  The trails were in excellent condition after being dampened down by the showers during the week. It was an exciting final round with some very good times being achieved by all competitors.  Chris Hunter (EHF/KLMTB) produced the fastest lap of the series, with a remarkable time of 25 minutes and 26 seconds, followed by a determined Dave Penny just 9 seconds slower. The spot prize was won by Paul Asplin (Boys from the Flat Stuff)and  a special prize was awarded to Junior rider Colin Mantle (Mildenhall CC).  Colin has ridden in every round, producing his fastest solo ride time of the series of 14 minutes and 30 seconds on the Juniors course.

Once again we must thank the Marshall’s, Cake Bakers and all who have supported and helped at these evening time trials as without these people our events would not run.

Click here for the Results Rd 6

Mud Sweat and Gears Round 6 Report

Club members produced their best results to date at Round 6 of the Mud Sweat & gears series held at Thetford.

Click here for Race Report

Round 5 Summer MTB Time Trial – Thursday 24th July 19.00hrs

The weather for Rd5 of our MTB TT series was almost perfect. It was warm, not raining and very enjoyable for the 22 riders and the spectators. The conditions were dry and dusty (a massive change from Rd4).
Once again a big thank you to all of our marshals and cake bakers for their continued support and dedication. The raffle prize was awarded to Russell Rout (Kings Lynn MTB).
A new fastest lap was created by Dave Penny (Kings Lynn MTB) with an outstanding (and speedy) time of 25 minutes 41 seconds.

 Click here for the Rd 5 Results

Round 4 Summer MTB Time Trial – Thursday 10th July 19.00hrs

Rd4 of our MTB TT series went ahead this evening. The conditions were wet and muddy but 18 riders took part and enjoyed a fantastic race testing their skills to the full.
A big thank you once again to all of our marshals for turning out on such a wet evening & fantastic cakes again. Well Done to Matt Carter ( CC Breckland ) for winning the raffle prize and to Chris Hunter for taking the win again.

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Report/Newsletter July 2014

After a successful Round 3 of the Shouldham Warren Time Trials, where we witnessed the fastest lap being set this year so far, Round 4 will soon be upon us (10th July). The trails have been in really good condition, just slightly damp and riding really well, but I think for the next round the conditions may well change. If we do not see any substantial rain over the next week or so…carry on reading the July 2014 Newsletter Here.

Round 3 Summer MTB Time Trial – Thursday 26th June 19.00hrs

What a fantastic turnout for Round 3 of our evening MTB TT’s!! Without the help of the marshals, the cake bakers and the trail builders these events could not happen. As always we would like to thank all of these people and of course the riders themselves. You all did brilliantly! Tonight’s results will be uploaded tomorrow. There will be our normal social ride on Thursday and the next MTB TT on Thursday 10th July. Look forward to seeing you

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Round 2 Summer MTBTime Trial – Thursday 12th June 19.00hrs

Another fantastic round of the KLMTB time trial series, the trails were in really good condition after some essential summer maintenance. A new fastest lap was set with a time of 25minutes 53secs by Chris Hunter. Once again these events wouldn’t be possible without the help of everyone behind the scenes, so thank you to everyone involved from cake bakers to marshals. The results are live and are available below;

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Round 1 Summer MTBTime Trial – Thursday 22nd May 19.00hrs

An excellent turnout for the first King’s Lynn MTB Club time trial of 2014. The trails were in near perfect condition, the new sections proved challenging but popular. A huge thank you to all involved in making these events happen. The results are now live and can be found by clicking the link below.

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